Building & Sinking Wells/Septic Tanks


A well/septic tank is the most common sewage treatment for homes and businesses. Designed to process the amount of waste produced, its size is determined by the number of occupants or expected usage. A well/septic tank needs to be well designed and built to prevent cracking and pollution of groundwater. Poor construction practices or simply its location can lead to wells collapsing. Our team can recast the well providing a strong structure that will serve you for many more years.

During new construction or renovations to an existing property, our experience can help you avoid common problems and delays. Our process of designing an effective well/septic tank includes site and soil evaluation, digging test pits (in some instances)

Another common issue is created when the suction system or drainage field has stopped working. At this stage, we effectively extend the lifetime of your well by safely sinking it a few feet.

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