Grease Trap Installations


Building, renovating, or maybe you’re a property manager? Then you’re going to need a Professional Grease Trap Installation. Our easy 3-step process allows our fabrication team to build and correctly install your new, waste efficient grease trap hassle-free.

Step 1 – Location

Before installation, our experts determine where and how the grease trap will be safely installed. This is based on the nature of the grease trap (commercial or residential) and building plans or visual inspection to ensure compliance. This step is crucial as it allows us to consider factors such as above and below ground specifications and or the need for risers and other fittings.

Step 2 – Size

Determine the size and construction material. Pre-Fab is by far the most commonly used material and can be constructed in a variety of size but we also supply metal and fiberglass grease traps.

Step 3 – Install

During installation, our experienced team will safely install your device, connecting the vent, sink inflow and sewer outflow.
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